Frequently Asked Questions

IMG_0429Are employees bonded and insured? – Yes we provide excellent coverage.

Does Trusty Maid Service supply everything? – Oh yes, we provide everything. We bring safe and environmentally friendly products to serve you.

Do I need to be home for the cleaning? – About half of our clients have us clean while they are away, it is your preference.

What schedules does Trusty Maid Service offer? – Most of our clients select weekly or bi-weekly service. A few clients select an every-fourth-week schedule or “on-request scheduling.”

Will I always get the same team? – Many of our clients have had the same team for years. Consistency is our goal. We strive to have the most consistent staffing possible for weekly and bi-weekly clients. On-request service typically will not have the same team.

Can I have the same scheduled day and time? – Yes, this is part of our Premium service. Weekly and bi-weekly clients keep the same day of the week. When arrival time is an issue for clients, we will maintain an approximate starting time for each service.

Are cleaning products mild and safe? – We use only people-friendly and environmentally-friendly products. We select products with very safe OSHA ratings.

Is Trusty Maid Service a franchise? – No, we are a local company started in 2003. Our Clients and Employees enjoy the many advantages of a friendly, local company.

What if I am not happy with a cleaning? – We train our staff to do a good job for every cleaning assignment. If you are not fully satisfied with the results, you may call within 24 hours and the cleaning team will return to correct the oversight.

What do you mean by “Built on Values?” – Long before we cleaned our first house – before we were a company – we developed a set of values by which to serve our clients. We placed our number one value in our company name – Trustworthy Services.

Does Trusty Maid Service require contracts? – We do business on a handshake. Most of our clients have been with Trusty Maid Service for years. If we don’t make you happy, the last thing we would want is to have you feel stuck waiting for a contract to end!

Does the first cleaning cost more? – Sometimes – when we give you a bid price for regular service, we will determine if additional work is required for the first cleaning.

What training do new employees receive? – Initial training starts with personal and computerized training at the office. Training and mentoring always occurs virtually in the shadow of experienced employees.

What if something is damaged? – We will report any damage or breakage immediately. We will do our best to make things right for you.

Is tipping expected? –  Only about one in five clients tip regularly. Tips are nice, but not expected. We operate efficiently, so our employees receive competitive compensation.